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ALC-3000 Data Sheet


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System Description

The Model ALC-3000 is a microprocessor based automatic lap controller. The ALC-3000 system controls the lapping and polishing of piezoelectric materials by monitoring their resonant frequencies during lapping, then terminates the process after the target frequency has been achieved. Up to twenty, user programmable lapping profiles can be stored for quick setup. The ALC-3000 controller injects a sweep frequency signal through an electrode mounted in one lapping plate. As crystals pass the electrode, the ALC-3000 observes the resonant responses and automatically stops the lap at target frequency. The ALC-3000 has evolved from a generation of Transat controllers which have earned a reputation for performance and reliability. This system is able to independently control two lapping machines simultaneously, independent of each other. The frequency "Spread" display indicates out of process conditions. Automatic signal loss detection deactivates the system to a safe "off" condition. Probe and cabling options provide flexibility for either 2-way or 4-way lapping configurations.

Frequency Range1-155 MHz
Accuracy+/- .1%
Repeatability+/- 100 ppm
Display type5 digit, Frequency & 3 digit, Spread, LCD display
Lap control1 or 2 laps
Enclosure typeNEMA 1
Power requirementsauto sense 85-250 VAC, 15W, 50/60Hz.
Dimensions (LxWxH)29cm x 29cm x 12cm

Ordering Information
Part# 00015853: ALC-3000 controller
Refer to the "ALC Accessories" data sheet for ordering and selection criteria of the probes, electrodes, mounting plates and slip rings.

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