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Continuous Temperature Test System
CTTS-1 Data Sheet


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System Description

The model CTTS-1 (Continuous Temperature Test System) characterizes a crystal's frequency and resistance as temperature slews over a user definable profile. The system performs an uninterrupted phase locked measurement of the DUT (Device Under Test) providing a "continuous" temperature-frequency characterization. The CTTS-1 measures one crystal at a time using Transat’s model CNA-300 (Crystal Network Analyzer). The crystal is held in a small, thermally agile, temperature chamber. A Pi Network Probe, specific to a particular package style, is built into the chamber lid. Different Pi Network Probes are available for different package types. The Pi Network can be supplied with a socket in series with the crystal to allow insertion of a Load Capacitor. The user defines a temperature and measurement setup for the crystal (setups can be stored and later recalled). Two main modes of operation are available. A "Production Mode" proceeds a simple PASS/FAIL indication along with some basic test data. A "Laboratory Mode" allows the user a high degree of test setup and reporting flexibility. The system can also be used for making full motional parameter measurements at room temperature. The CTTS electronic cooling is assisted by an electric water cooler.

Temperature Range

-50° C to +120° C

Chamber Temperature Transition Time; +100 C to -20 C

1.0 min (typical)

Chamber Temperature Transition Time; +150 C to -50 C

3.5 min (typical)

Frequency Range

1-256 MHz

Measured Parameters (during temp slew)


Measured Parameters (at room temperature)

FS, FL, R, Co, C1, L1, Q

Package types

Various SMD, UM-1, HC-49

Power requirements

208/240V, 50/60Hz, 2.5 KVA Single Phase

Dimensions (LxWxH) w/out monitor / weight

76 cm x 56 cm x 84 cm / 100 Kg

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