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PI Network Test Jigs
TFP-6/TFP-8 Data Sheet


Transat’s Pi Network Test Jigs are designed for the measurement of quartz crystal resonators. There are two basic models for handling benchtop measurements of leaded (2 leads) packages. Model TFP-6 offers a highly stable and repeatable contact to the crystal leads typically required in a laboratory or engineering setting. Model TFP-8 allows quick and easy "one-handed" insertion and removal typically desired in a production setting. Versions of both models are available with a socket which allows insertion of a load capacitor in series with the crystal (Models TFP-6L & TFP-8L). Both versions are made of rugged rugged construction with very durable contact surfaces

Load Capacitors

Transat offers both Fixed and Variable Capacitors for use with the TFP-6L and TFP-8L Pi Networks. A separate data sheet is available for the Variable Capacitors.

Surface Mount Packages - SMD

Transat also offers Pi Networks (Models TFP-7 & TFP-7L) for crystals in SMD packages. A separate data sheet is available for these models.

IEC 444 - Pi Network Specifications

A separate Application note which describes Transat Pi Networks and IEC 444 compliance is available upon request.

Dimensions (L/W/H in cm)TFP-6/TFP-6L -- 10.0x 5.5x 5.0
TFP-8/TFP-8L -- 5.5x 5.0x 5.0
Contact MethodTFP-6/TFP-6L -- Zero Insertion Force
TFP-8/TFP-8L -- Spring Loaded Socket
Connector TypeBNC
Crystal Lead Spacing2mm to 13mm
CL Socket (TFP-6L & TFP-8L only)accepts 0.015-0.020" lead dia.

Physical Outline

Ordering Information
TFP-6P/N 00013485
TFP-6LP/N 00013499
TFP-8P/N 00013551
TFP-8LP/N 00013550
Reference Short (HC-45)P/N 01015090
Reference Resistor (HC-45)P/N 01015091
Fixed Value CL Insert - 12pFP/N 01015094-12
18pFP/N 01015094-18
27pFP/N 01015094-27
Variable CL Insert 5.0-7.0pFP/N 01012758-6
7.0-9.0pFP/N 01012758-8
8.7-10.7pFP/N 01012758-10
10.5-12.5pFP/N 01012758-11.5
12.5-14.5pFP/N 01012758-13.5
13.0-17.0pFP/N 01012758-15
16.0-20.0pFP/N 01012758-18
19.0-23.0pFP/N 01012758-21
23.0-27.0pFP/N 01012758-25
27.0-32.0pFP/N 01012758-30

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