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TTS-100 Data Sheet


Additional Features

System Description

The TTS-100 precisely measures crystal resonators characteristics at user specified temperatures. The system uses a patented test wheel design and contacting method with very low and consistent contact resistance, allowing highly repeatable measurements. The test wheel contact surfaces are nickel plated and have a three year warranty against wear. Test wheels for UM-1 & HC-49 packages offer a "solderless" socket replacement where questionable sockets can be exchanged within seconds. The TTS-100 is offered with one or two chambers. Each chamber can accommodate two test wheels with each test wheel carrying up to 124 parts. Flexibility in the design permits test wheels for different package styles (example: SMD and UM-1) to be used in the same chamber. The TTS-100 can be supplied with a variety of measurement instrumentation. The Transat Crystal Network Analyzer (model CNA-300) allows both sweep and phase locked measurements. Analyzers from Hewlett Packard and Advantest are also supported. The TTS-100 system has a very flexible system of result reporting. All measured parameters can be reported as a function of temperature. Drive level dependency (DLD) tests can be performed at specified temperatures. An automatic loader/sorter is available for most SMD packages.

A single test chamber will simultaneously accomodate both leaded and SMD test wheels

This SMD (surface mounted device) test wheel illustrates the Nickel plated, non-wearing contacts of the perimeter

UM-1 & HC 49 test wheels are supplied with "solderless" sockets, isolating wear to quickly exchanged components

Frequency Range

1-256 MHz

Temp Stability

+/- 0.1° C

Contact Resistance (@ 25° C)

.1 ohm +/-.05 ohm, typical contact

Contrast Resistance (-65° - 150° C)

.25 ohm +/-.1 ohm, typical


CO2 or L N2

Temp Uniformity

+/- 0.2° C


Transmission method, Pi Network

Temp Range

-65 to 150° C

Chamber Capacity

248 crystals max.

Dimensions (2 chamber, overall LxWxH)

140cm x 61cm x 140cm (55"x24"x55")

Package Types

Most leaded & SMD packages

Ordering Information
Contact factory to discuss your application

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