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SMD Test Disk for Temperature Test System
SMD-TD Data Sheet


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System Description

Transat’s SMD Test Disks are used widely throughout the crystal industry for temperature test of SMD crystals. The disks have patented features which allow them to provide a highly beneficial combination of reliable contact and ease of use. The SMD test disks can be used in any of Transat’s model TTS-100 Temperature test systems without any modification required. Users can switch between (or even combine) SMD and leaded test disks without any interruption.
  Test disks are composed of 3 main component
Contact Disk: Contains the contact pins and contact surface/interface to the system
Locator Plate: Contains part cavities to position parts relative to the Contact Disk's contact pins
Retaining Ring: Holds parts in the locator plate cavities. The ring is easily removed to allow easy access to parts for loading and unloading

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